Cultivate I

Updated: Apr 23, 2020

During this time of being quiet before the Lord, we have been praying for revelation in regards to the times. We believe that as heirs of the Kingdom, the Lord will equip the Body with strategies, insights, and ways to influence the earth we live in. He calls us to bring Heaven to Earth and I believe it is important that we seek the Lord how to take dominion over the earth and cultivate it in the way He originally intended.

One of the things that continue to come to us in our personal reading and study with the Lord is a common theme. Do not rely on Egypt. The Lord has highlighted some things to us in the past few months from Genesis and Ezekiel:

Joseph had Kingdom wisdom and strategy. The Lord was with Joseph and he succeeded at everything he did - and the people around him were also blessed because of the Lord's favor upon his life. Joseph had influence through the gifts the Lord gave him - and we too can use those gifts to influence the cultivation of the world. When Pharaoh needed intervention - the Lord's might and dominion was put on display through His servant. Joseph provided interpretation and a plan from the Lord to help Egypt succeed through years of famine. Do not rely on Egypt.

Generations later, Joseph's descendants (Israelites) were being fruitful and multiplying in Egypt, causing them to have power and influence in Egypt. A new king came into position; not knowing the legacy and heritage of their forefathers. The king began to devise a plan to minimize the Israelites out of fear - and the Israelites became slaves of Egypt. Pharaoh also went to the extent of murdering the children to stunt the growth of the Israelites.

Isn't it interesting how governmental perspective and plans can change based on counsel? Joseph's counsel and legacy produced Genesis 1 blessing. Be fruitful and multiply and reign, while counsel from the world produced death and bondage. Later, the Lord rose Moses to lead the Israelites to deliverance, and with persistence and the Lord's favor, Kingdom strategy prevailed. Do not rely on Egypt.

Skip forward to Ezekiel 29. Ezekiel prophecies a message to the Pharaoh, telling of his downfall. . . "All the people of Egypt will know that I am theLord, for to Israel you were just a staff made of reeds. When Israel leaned on you, you splintered and broke and stabbed her in the armpit. When she put her weight on you, you collapsed, and her legs gave way. . . Israel will no longer be tempted to trust in Egypt for help. Egypt’s shattered condition will remind Israel of how sinful she was to trust Egypt in earlier days. Then Israel will know that I am the Sovereign Lord (v. 6-7, 16)." Do not rely on Egypt.

Do not put your dependency in any structure, government, person, job, investment, or even yourself! Depend on the ONE True Living God. He is ready and willing to equip you with everything you need for EVERY season of life. Though the nations are in chaos and kingdoms of the earth may crumble, the LORD is among US and HE is our fortress - be STILL and KNOW that HE is GOD and HE will be honored throughout the NATIONS (Ps. 46:7;10).

Lord, how can we partner with You during this time to be innovators, investors, creators, and participants of Your Kingdom being made honored throughout the Earth? We are honored to be Your heirs, Your children. We pray that we would live and leave a legacy that would honor Your name. We break off all uncertainty, all confusion, all fear. We place our hearts, our minds, our spirits, our lives into Your hands. Come and mold us as the potter, come and breathe Your life, Your knowledge, Your understanding into our minds and spirits today, that we can be Kingdom advancers on this earth. Show us what our part is in this season. Give us ideas and strategies to write history, that Your name will be magnified! Amen.

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