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Arise, My Dove, and Come Away With Me!

My mother peered out her bedroom window, to find a single dove perched on a line. A memory came forward of the times her mother would speak of her father. He told her mother that a dove would always call out for it's mate when it was alone. She felt the voice of Holy Spirit say, "I am calling My Beloved."

The only words I have in my Spirit is "Come Away!" I feel so strongly the Lord is calling His Bride into His chambers, into His Secret Place. He wants us to DWELL in His shade, eat His fruit. Hear His voice. Fall in deep, unrelenting Love for Him again. He wants to rekindle the flames of His marriage to us. He wants to remind us of His covenant. He wants to turn us to mush at His affections for us. Do you want Him? Do you long for Him? He is calling.

I am trying to capture your gaze, Beloved.

Come, let me take you to our private garden.

Come, let me tend to your heart.

Come, you are tired. You are weary.

Come and rest with Me.

Song of Solomon 4: 12

You are my private garden, my treasure, my bride

a secluded spring, a hidden fountain

Song of Solomon 8: 13

O my darling, lingering in the gardens,

your companions are fortunate to hear your voice. .

Let me hear it, too!

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